Weight converter

Roberval's balance to compare weight © zolomos - Fotolia This converter helps you to simultaneously convert a weight from several common units like kilogram (base unit of mass in the International System of units - SI), ounce, pound.
In UK, 1 long ton=20 long hundredweights, 1 long hundredweight=8 stone or 112 pounds, 1 stone=14 pounds, 1 pound= 16 ounces or 7000 grains.
In US, 1 short ton=20 short hundredweights, 1 short hundredweight=100 pounds, 1 pound= 16 ounces or 7000 grains.
Enter the weight in the second column of the following array and the conversion will be performed automatically in all other units.
Underneath, you can decompose combination of units, for example, if you enter 10 stone, 11 pounds

Planck mass mp
milligram mg
centigram cg
decigram dg
grain gr
carat ct
gram g
ounce avoirdupois oz
troy ounce (for precious metal) oz
english pound lb
kilogram kg
stone st
short hundredweight short cwt
long hundredweight long cwt
quintal q
short ton short ton
tonne t
long ton long ton
Decoding in imperial units :
Long ton Stone Pound Once Grain
Decode in US units :
Short ton Pound Ounce Grain


Megaton is not a weight unit but an energy one (Energy produced by explosion of 1 million ton of TNT)
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