Pressure converter

pressure converter © Artu Synenk Fotolia This converter helps you to simultaneously convert pressure from several common units like bar, atmosphere, pascal or Newton per square meter (base unit of pressure in the International System of units - SI), mercury millimeter...
Please note that 1 millibar = 1 hectopascal = 100 pascal = 100 N/m2
So 1 bar = 1000 mbar = 1000 hectopascal.
Enter pressure quantity in the second column of following array and the conversion will be performed automatically in all other units.

Pascal Pa
hectopascal hPa
bar bar
millibar mbar
Megapascal MPa
atmosphere atm
mercury millimeter mmHg (ou Torr)
Newton per square meter N/m2
technical atmosphere at
pound per square inch psi
pieze (former soviet unit) pz
mercury inch inHg
water millimeter mmH20
barye ba


The Torr unit was named after Evangelista Torricelli, an Italian physicist and mathematician who discovered the principle of the barometer in 1644. It is equivalent to 1 millimeter of mercury.
At 1 atmosphere, mercury climbs 760 mm.
A barometer can predict weather:
* very low pressure = storm
* low pressure = rain, wind
* high pressure = nice weather

Technical atmosphere is the pressure where water climbs 10 metres.

At the same pressure, water climbs 13.6 times higher than mercury because mercury is 13.6 times heavier than water with a similar volume (it is said that the density of mercury is 13.6).

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