Temperature converter

temperature converter © vladischern_fotolia This converter allows you to simultaneous convert temperature into several units :
Farenheit degree (used in United States)
Celsius degree (used elsewhere)
kelvin (used by scientifics, base unit of temperature in the International System of units - SI).

Extreme cold, also called "absolute zero" is 0 K (kelvin) so -273.15 °C. Pure water freezes at 0 °C (or 32 °F) and boils at 100 °C (or 212 °F).

The average human temperature is about 98 °F (36.6 °C).

Enter the temperature in the second column of the following array and the conversion will be performed automatically in all other units.

Celsius degree °C
Farenheit degree °F
kelvin K

old units :
Reaumur degree °Re
Rankine degree °Ra
Rømer °Rø
Leyden °L


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