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Volume conversion

conversion volume litre, m3, baril, gallon, pied cube  © VIPDesign Fotolia This converter allows you to simultaneously convert a volume in several common units like cubic metre (base unit of volume in the International System of units - SI), litre (liter), gallon, liquid ounce, pint,barrel...

Enter the volume in the second column of following array and the conversion will be performed automatically in all other units.

Common volume units :
cubic metre m3
cubic centimetre cm3
litre l
millilitre ml
centilitre cl
cubic foot ft3
cubic inch in3
gallon (USA) gallon (USA)
liquid pint (USA) pint (USA)
American liquid ounce fl oz (USA)

1 liquid ounce (fl oz) is equivalent to about 3 centilitres (cl)
equivalency between centilitre and liquid ounce © red 2000 Fotolia
Volume unit less used :
cubic millimetre mm3
decilitre dl
decalitre dal
hectolitre hl
cubic kilometre km3
cubic mile mi3
cubic hectometre hm3
cubic decametre dam3
cubic decimetre (or litre) dm3 ou l
tablespoon tbs
tea spoon tsp
barrel (for petrol)bbl
imperial bushel (GB)bsh (GB)
US bushel bsh (USA)
cubic yard yd3
imperial gallon (GB) gallon (GB)
imperial pint (GB) pint (GB)
imperial liquid ounce (GB) fl oz (GB)

bois de chauffage © romaneau-Fotolia See here conversion of heating wood storage volume

Equivalence between the volume and the size of a cube

Compute the side or diagonal of a cube from its volume :
volume in m3
side a in metres m
diagonal d in metres m

Equivalence between the volume and the radius of a sphere (globe, ball)

Compute the radius or the diameter of a globe (sphere) from its volume :
volume in m3
radius r in metres m
diametre in metres m
surface in square metres m2


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