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IBAN computations

international bank account number IBAN key computer hainichfoto fotolia IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. Its component is the ISO country code (2 letters) then the Iban key and national account number (size depends on the country).
An International bank draft now requires an IBAN number and a BIC code.
With this free software, you can compute the IBAN key and ease migration towards the SEPA system.
Country code with 2 letters
AU (Australia), BE (Belgium), CA (Canada), CH (Switzerland), DE (Germany), FR (France), GB (United Kingdom), IT (Italy), JP (Japan), NZ (New Zealand), US (USA)...
National Account Number
(size depends on country, can contain letters)
IBAN number :      

Did you know ?

We call the "IBAN key" the 3rd and 4th IBAN char (here ).


Copyright © 2000-2019 Laurent Pelé

All computations are local on your computer so we don't know which number you have entered as no data is exchanged with the server

Use of this software is only authorized for personal and educative purposes. Any improper use could be prosecuted as in line with software prosecution according to article L 335-3 alinea 2 of the French Intellectual Property Act.

If you look for the BIC code of a bank establishement, you can have a look at the Swift BIC database

Please beware not to make any mistakes before doing a bank draft as you could have trouble getting your money back.
This software uses the ECBS "EBS204" norm to compute the IBAN.